Linda Wrong in her work “Living in a fantasy while have no reality” works with the theme of modern mysticism. The figural composition with animalistic elements is a symbolic representation between the girl - the queen, whom Wrong portrays as herself, animal and other sculptures, freely expressing the arrangement of this world. Through the interconnectedness of mutual relations in the work, he finds answers to existential questions of the meaning of life, decadence and the pressure of today’s materialist period exerted on individuals. The often recurring motive of the animal and the search for identity through the animal is part of the picture of existential continuity. The animal is used as an attribute, it evokes associations not only from dreams and myths, but also from personal life. The centralised figure of a girl sitting on a throne without a masculine element with a calm expression assures that everything is fine. She is like a great-grandmother, queen or heroine of today, carrying all her weight in the form of a stone levitating overhead. Only a thin border separates the stone from the fall and complete destruction. The most orderly state, the delicate balance, the distinction between individual and not always obvious nuances, is one of the central motives of the author’s work. By defining his own identity, subjects from everyday life, but also expeditions to dreams and the subconscious, he chooses symbols and gestures that turn against history and their classical interpretation. These symbols and gestures are freely transformed, altered, united, and subsequently reformed and reconstructed into a new grouping based on one’s own potential. It is above all the finding of my own mysticism and balance that depicts the author’s perception here and now.

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