Like sea foam on the shore forming clusters that are changed after a while by another wave, the symbol of an animal born of foam is a visible sign of this fleeting reality. Spumam Animalis comes from the most extreme places of archetypal pre-images. Like the ephemerality of sea foam, TheSpumam Animalis Series refers to the transient values ​​of today. Through an innovative process, the work combines the original values ​​contained in nature and subsistence, as well in science, progress and the present.
Spumam animalis is a collection standing on the border between art and design. These porcelain object are made using a technologically advanced method, which I deal with in my artistic- academic research. The shaky structure of the material does not let the eye rest and forces us to constantly look and rediscover new moments. As a sculptor, not only the inner concept is important to me, but also the material through which the work speaks to us.

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