Specimens in historical museums and collections are considered important sources for the preservation of unusual or extinct materials of animal origin. Thanks to traditional taxonomy and morphology, especially the progress in the use of genetic and molecular technology, historical preparations have made it possible to study different genetic mutations. Using these mutations, we can "measure" the genetic distance between different species and compare their lineage. We can look at the study of these samples as one way to understand that species change over time and thus look at global change. These changes contribute to the complete extinction or overall decline of the population of the whole species.
The warrior continues the cycle Living in the Dead World. It doesn't point not only to the supersaturation of everything today, but also to the overall development of man today. How our genes begin to mutate. The fact that the word survive today means surviving a day without internet, mobile phone, time, surviving on plastic meat, surviving on a year-round offer of vegetables from the supermarket, surviving that sometimes something doesn't work and we have to walk. We have long since lost our animal instincts and intuitions. We are no longer so fast, smart, predatory with a clear mind. Instead, we went lazy, salted, and took the time to think about how to complicate things. A warrior hunting for his companion, afraid he would take his place.


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