The magic garden, like any garden, is a different mixture of plants, scents and animal species. Through an imaginary gate we enter a world where old and new approaches coexist in harmony, not only to the current statue. We dive into the nebulous reality, galleries as places of change and transformation. The hidden garden as one of the last refuges of the mythical predators guarding the sacred place in the middle of the big city. The black outlines of exotic plants come together and claim our attention in the hope that they will touch us. A lost paradise where perfection and immortality reign. The prevailing atmosphere of Asian myths, legends, Japanese gardens, contemporary pop culture, but also the center of these “exotic” influences with generally rapidly changing over-technological times, is a contrast to this peaceful garden. The combination and union of different materials intertwines for us in an sometimes even abstract form, which at the same time evokes concrete, familiar, at the same time distant forms from the fungus of our subconscious. The author’s playful installation comes with a personal reform of the given topics and at the same time with an alarming creation of the image of the future world, where instead of plants only black shadows and predators lurking for prey remain.

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