Genetic chimerism refers to a condition in which two cell populations are present in one body. These populations are genetically distinct. We call this individual a chimera. The chimera violates the rule that the whole body develops from a single cell.
Each individual certainly bears animal traits - his inner animal, which characterizes him and can be a connection with archetypes and something original in us that inevitably approaches doom, because our original instincts and abilities are suppressed in today's world and the art of survival is changing to the art of surviving without the internet, time, meat from plastic packaging and year-round vegetables from supermarkets and our laziness. The animal is hidden under the surface, so the body does not cover the skin, but the muscles are visible. I show the thoroughbred in full force, in a victorious attitude, because of which he chased so much that he tore it from the skin.
Humanity is unstoppably expanding in all directions. There are too many of us and we want everything we want more. The thoughtful mutant contemplates his barrel and offers a heart in his palm. The pig skull is a cross between a wild boar and a domestic pig. This is the very first hybrid of this species, which was created thanks to the meritorious discovery of the Czech geneticist Rudolf Šiler. What began with the crossing of the wild and the domestic has transformed into a fully serving and manageable. The desire to control nature led us to the gradual plunder of our Planet. The value of human life turns into an artilk trade and the ability to trade with it.


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